Thessaloniki is a city that marches to the beating of its own drum for hundreds of years.

The second largest city of Greece, with a population of 1.2 million inhabitants is one of the most beautiful and exciting corners of Greece. A city with a history starting from the Hellenistic era and has gone through many adventures since then. Every single corner has a story to tell. It’s no surprise that Thessaloniki has never been abandoned since its inception, once you’re here you’ll understand why. A city that has everything to offer. Museums, festivals, expos, gastronomy, nightlife ask anything you want, the list of things to do in Thessaloniki is long. And how will you find those places? COLORS Urban Hotel is only moments away from Aristotelous Square. You can benefit from our central location to visit all the historical monuments or stroll at the shopping and business center of the city. Get your pocket companion from COLORS Urban Hotel reception, we promise to share all the secrets.
Where to start? Well… let’s have a walk in the city center. Grab your breakfast from the Garden Bar and brace yourselves cause you’re in for a tour. Head towards Aristotelous Square, go all the way up, cross Egnatia street and you’ll reach the Roman market. Behind you’ll see the Church of Saint Demetrios, the house of Kemal Ataturk is a couple of minutes away. Now, let’s start going towards the seafront, the arch of Galerius, the Rotunda, and Galerius palace are on your way. After you’re done taking photos, keep going towards the sea. Climb the stairs to the top of the White Tower and admire the view to the city. Walk all the way on Thessaloniki’s seafront until you reach the Liberty Square, and enjoy Ladadika, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Thessaloniki. COLORS Urban Hotel is only moments away. Exhausted? Make a stop at Massage.Me on the way to your room and enjoy a cocktail at the Garden Bar. Make sure you rest cause there is so much more to see.
The name Thessaloniki was given to honor the mermaid-sister of Alexander the Great and is otherwise known as the Bride of the North, the Nymph of Thermaikos, romantic city, multicultural capital and mother of Israel among others. The Macedonian dynasty and Great Alexander thrived in Salonika, she later became an interesting passage in the Roman and Byzantine Empire, Christianity spread from Thessaloniki and she hosted a huge and attractive mixture of races and cultures. Consists of five cities, each one built on top of the other: the Hellenistic city, the Roman city, the Byzantine city, the Ottoman city and finally the modern Thessaloniki.Make sure you rest cause there is so much more to see.

In Thessaloniki you are never alone. Life goes on 24hours a day. In the morning you will meet different types of people, merchants, artists, students, lawyers, the city is a unique mixture of fast and slow pace at the same time. You will live in Tsimiski street the heart of the city, its arteries Egnatia, Mitropoleos and Ermou streets are only a breath away.

Did you know that Thessaloniki is ranked as one of the best top destinations in the world for nightlife and entertainment? This city does not sleep, ever! Why should you? Try Greek flavors with the Eastern influence, the Italian finesse and a number of aromas of the cultures that inhabited the city. Would you like a cocktail, some rebetiko blues or even dancing until the morning? The answer to all your quests is closer than you might think, there are a plenty of things to do in Thessaloniki.

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