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A cookie is a small set of data that a website can store on your computer or mobile phone. The cookie allows the site to “remember” your actions when you browse it. Although the majority of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, support cookies, the user can configure his browser to disallow cookies or to erase cookies.

Usefulness of cookies
Cookies can perform many functions and are primarily used to measure the traffic of a website in whole or in specific subpages only. Indicatively, you can record the number of visitors live or per hour of the day, their geographic origin, operating system and screen resolution of their computer, the page from which they came (via a search engine, a link from another page or directly input), the keyword used in the search engine, etc. Other cookies can remember, to facilitate the user, the choice of the language or the results of his search on a web page. Others can record failed attempts to enter a web page and to require the web pages, after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, to enter to cross-check their details, such as by entering an additional code that it is sent to him via sms on his mobile phone.

Use of cookies
The site under the name, hereafter referred to as the “Website”, stores cookies in the terminal equipment of its visitors to improve their browsing experience and to measure its traffic. These cookies do not compromise the privacy and sensitive personal data of users.

1. Cookies of CMS
The site is designed based on a content management system (CMS), which by default stores cookies on the user’s computer to improve its browsing on the page. These cookies are the following:

Session Cookies
Session cookies allow users to be identified while browsing a web page so that their options are memorized and transferred from a sub page to a sub page. The most common example of this feature is the shopping cart in online stores. When you add products to your cart, the session cookie memorizes your choices so that the products you chose are there when you are ready to pay. Without the session cookie, the page would not remember exactly which products you added to your cart, so when you clicked “pay” your cart would be empty.

Although our site does not sell products, the session cookies it uses work in exactly the same way. In particular, our page stores two session cookies: one, which memorizes the choice of the page navigation language and one for memorizing all other user options. Both session cookies are automatically deleted from the user’s computer after the end of the session, which occurs fifteen minutes after the last action within the page. These cookies are originals (“first party cookies”), that is, they are placed and read by the domain of our page.

2. Universal Analytics Cookies
Google Universal Analytics uses cookies to report user interactions on Google Analytics customer websites. These cookies are used to store non-personal identification data. The Google Analytics cookies stored through our page on the user’s terminal equipment are the following:

The cookie called “_ga” serves to identify the unique visitors to our site and has a life span of two years since its last visit to the site.
The cookie called “_gat” serves to anonymously track the visitor’s behavior while browsing the site and has a ten-minute lifespan from the user’s visit to the site. Indicatively, it identifies the visitor’s entry and exit sub-page, the time spent on each sub-page, and so on.
Please note that the lifetime of these cookies may be changed by Google without prior notice.

3. Cookiesdirective Cookie
Once you have given your consent to accept cookies from this site in accordance with the procedure described below, a cookie called “cookiesdirective” is stored in your terminal equipment, which remembers your consent, and has a lifetime of one year from the date of the consent. The practical value of installing this cookie is to avoid having to get the same consensus every time you visit the site.

Obligation of consent to store cookies
The installation and use of cookies is regulated in particular by Article 4 (5) of Law 3471/2006 (which transposed into Greek law the Directive 2002/58 / EC), according to which the installation and use of the “cookie” is only permitted with the consent of the user. A website may install such a “cookie” only if the user has given its consent after clear and extensive information about the installation, the purpose of the processing, the exercise of the right of access and any recipients of the data. This consent can be given through appropriate settings in the web browser or other application.

Obtaining consent from the visitor
Given that Google Universal Analytics cookies are the third-party manufacturer of our site and do not qualify as traffic analysis cookies in the exception of paragraph 4 of Article 4 of Law 3471/2006, our site receives the consent of the visitor before storing cookies in his terminal equipment. The user can at any time delete the cookies stored in his browser by our website through its settings.

In particular, the site uses a special plug-in that prevents cookies from being stored in the visitor’s terminal equipment unless the consent is first obtained by pressing an accept button. Near the Acceptance button there is a link leading to this site’s cookie policy, in which the user can read all the necessary information to make it easier for them to make a decision to consent or not to accept cookies.

Control and deletion of cookies
You can control and / or delete cookies according to your wishes. Details can be found here: You can delete all cookies already on your computer, and set up most browsers in a way that prevents cookies from being installed. However, in this case, you may need to customize certain preferences yourself whenever you visit a site, and some services may also not work.

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