For us at COLORS Hotels, health & safety have always been a priority. Now, more than ever, safety comes first for our staff and our guests. And even though we pride ourselves in offering top hospitality for our guests, COVID-19 is not welcome in COLORS Hotels :p

Room hygiene and cleanliness in COLORS have always been performed following the utmost high-standard procedures. On top of that, our experienced staff follow all recent additional precautionary measures, in line with the guidelines by the National Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization and the National Public Health Organization.

The on-site hygiene protocol includes the following:


COLORS Hotels follow the official instructions of the Greek state for Covid-19, for the safety of all visitors and employees. If you need more information on what documents are required prior to your entry to the hotel, please contact the hotel prior to arrival to be informed on the applicable law requirements. Failure to produce the necessary documentation as defined by the Greek state,  will result the hotel in the refusal of your entry entry to our premises and to cancel your reservation without refund.We make sure all employees are professionally trained on procedures, regulations and requirements related to COVID-19. Training is constantly being updated in order to secure adherence to and information about the latest health and safety protocols by local and international authorities at all times.
Ultra-fast Check-in & Check-out, as well as contactless transactions.
Immediate disinfection of all items used during any transactions with the COLORS Ambassadors.
HEALTH FIRST certificate by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.
All our staff is trained to identify and handle COVID-19 symptoms. We have a detailed action plan in place in case a guest tests positive for COVID-19.
All COLORS Ambassadors follow all social distancing measures and ensure compliance by all staff members as well as guests.
All COLORS Ambassadors always wear masks or shield-masks. All other staff members are wearing masks at all times.
Your COVID-19 informative material available at the reception desk.
Protective equipment for guests, such as single-use gloves, masks and disinfectant fluids.
Performing frequent disinfection of all surfaces at the reception and common areas.
Provision of antiseptic dispensers in all common areas.
Floor-signs signalling the necessary distancing visible every two (2) metres.
The room Check-out is performed at 11:00 a.m. to allow for the proper disinfection of each room before the next guest’s Check-in.
Craving room service? We’ll be dropping this outside your door in an effort to minimise people coming in and out of your room.
Social distancing will be implemented in all of our team areas including kitchens and back of house spaces.
Room keycards are disinfected by our staff
The reception staff is thermometered at the start of the shift.


All linen is handled professionally using the highest possible standards and certified materials and equipment.
All rooms are meticulously cleaned by well-trained housekeepers. During room cleaning, personnel follow all precautionary measures and the whole process is closely monitored by our management team, providing additional support when required.
We frequently disinfect all common areas and surfaces with which guests usually interact: elevator, buttons, handles, doors, handrails, light switches etc. Disinfection records are being kept.
We make sure that all our staff members properly use protective equipment such as: masks, shoes, clean uniforms, etc.
Frequent handwashing and disinfection.
We encourage our guests to limit possible exposure by deciding room cleaning frequency.
Following a detailed disinfection plan for each room.
Removal of decorative objects that can’t be disinfected frequently.
We clean and disinfect all fabric surfaces using appropriate equipment.
Disinfection of linen closets after each use.
We are using a high percentage alcohol-based cleaning agent for all surfaces disinfected.
Balconies and terraces in most rooms, as well as floor-to-ceiling & wall-to-wall windows.

Our COLORS Team is trained to handle situations for your safety, in order for you to enjoy your stay in Thessaloniki feeling safe while staying with us.


Under the uncertainty of today’s situation we have made the reservation & cancellation procedure flexible for your future reservations. Are you having plans to visit Thessaloniki but you are afraid of having to postpone, or cancel them? Feel safe! Our reservations department is here for you offering free cancellation until 9 a.m. of the day of arrival no matter how you booked (directly with us, or through external channels)!


We know you have missed our unique breakfast buffet at The Garden Bar! However, since it is not an option at the moment, due to health and safety standards, you can still enjoy it in a personal Breakfast Bag with local delicacies by our Chef, to please all taste palettes.

We have collaborations in place with health authorities and private clinics, creating a strategic safety plan that secures our guests’ travel experience with excellent COVID-19 prevention and treatment levels. In case of a suspected infection, we already have protocols in place to deal with it efficiently. Communication will be immediate and clear to hotel guests and staff.


For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us at or at

Looking forward to welcoming your smiley faces again.

At your service,


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